Journal of Aquaculture Development and Environment (JADE)

Journal of Aquaculture Development and environment is a scientific journal on the development of aquaculture and the environment aiming to exchange the results of quality research in various aspects of aquaculture, fishery, fish processing and the environment. The Journal of Aquaculture and Environment Development (JADE) was published twice a year in Mei and November, Acceptance of manuscripts on JADE can be written in the form of English and Indonesian.

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Vol 2, No 2 (2019): Journal Of Aquaculture Development And Environment

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nurul safitri, Nanda Diniarti, Dewi Putri Lestari
10.31002/jade.v2i2.1915 | Abstract views : 28
Doni Ferdiansyah, Sugiono Sugiono, Abdul Qadir Jailani
10.31002/jade.v2i2.2064 | Abstract views : 53
Abdul Qadir Jailani, Doni Ferdiansyah
10.31002/jade.v2i2.2021 | Abstract views : 21
Laily Fitriani Mulyani, Marsoedi Marsoedi, Guntur Guntur
10.31002/jade.v2i2.2019 | Abstract views : 27
Rizal Akbar Hutagalung
10.31002/jade.v2i2.1881 | Abstract views : 35
Hilman akmal Muhammad Fajar
10.31002/jade.v2i2.1821 | Abstract views : 14