Pengenalan Isyarat Tutur Vokal Bahasa Indonesia Menggunakan Metode Dynamic Time Wraping (Dtw) Berbasis Fungsi Jarak

Dwi Novianto, Risky Via Yuliantari


Developing of vowel recognation system is explained. DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform) level 3 and DTW (Dynamic Time Wrapping) with euclidean and
manhattan distance function were used. DTW was used for pettern recognetion and DWT was for feature extraction. First, Vowels of seven speakers were recorded, second they were extracted by DWT and the last, the waves were recognized by DTW with euclidean and manhattan distance. The best result for those processes were 80,82% for euclidean distance function and 83,7% for manhattan distance function

Kata Kunci : Dynamic Time Warping, DTW, Discrete Wavelet
Transform, DWT, Realtime.

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