Kajian Generator Impuls Tegangan Rendah Menggunakan Analysis Transient Program

Agung Trihasto


An electric motor is one of the tools that can be used normally. One of the parts that need to be considered on the motor is a winding motor. This winding serves as a current conductor to generate a magnetic field on the stator, then used to produce rotation of the rotor. Rotation of this rotor is used to rotate or move other equipment as needed or type of work. How to overcome. However, the winding of the motor can not be
accessed directly because it is covered by the motor shroud. Approximately 80% of stator electrical failures are derived from
the weakness of the inner circle. To recognize the disturbance condition can be known by applying a surge voltage to the winding. Tests with surge voltages in principle apply a voltage with a fast rise time on the winding, then using Lenz's Law, there will arise a voltage induced between adjacent loops. If the voltage is high enough, then arc will be generated (arc). The process can be known with motor impulse goods .

Keywords - motor winding, isolation, surge voltage

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