Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

VIGOR (Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian Tropika dan Subtropika) adalah jurnal yang menginformasikan hasil penelitian dan telaah pustaka dalam berbagai aspek lingkup pertanian dan komoditas pertanian antara lain bidang agronomi, agroekoteknologi, pemuliaan tanaman, hortikultura, ilmu tanah, ilmu perlindungan tanaman, agribisnis, agroforestry, model pertanian dan bioteknologi pertanian.


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process




VIGOR: Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian Tropika dan Subtropika is a journal that goes through a peer review process between authors, editors and reviewers. Publication ethics are made with the aim of producing quality publications and are the results of scientific studies that can be accounted for and useful for readers. Journal Vigor cannot tolerate all forms of data fabrication and falsification, all kinds of plagiarism, multiple submissions, redundant publications, and improper author contributions. Below are some publication ethics that must be fulfilled by both authors, editors, and reviewers based on COPE's (Committee on Publication Ethics) Guidelines.


  1. The author must ensure that the articles to be published have not been published in any form of publication.
  2. Author is not allowed to publish the same manuscript or redundant publications in different journals.
  3. The author must ensure that the writing of the manuscript is free from all forms of plagiarism.
  4. The author must ensure that all authors listed have a role in writing or are involved in publication and that there is an agreement to be included in the publication to avoid conflict of interest.
  5. Author must be able to attach accurate data based on research conducted to avoid data fabrication and falsification.
  6. The author must ensure that what is written is in accordance with the template guidelines and guidelines for writing manuscripts in the vigor journal.
  7. If there are difficulties in uploading the manuscript, the author can contact the editor.


  1. Editor has the right to accept, reject and even accept, but with some corrections, based on the decision of the editorial board.
  2. Editors must be able to objectively evaluate the submitted manuscripts regardless of the gender, race, religion, gender, nationality of the author.
  3. The editor must be able to respect the decision of the author if he wants to withdraw the manuscript for publication with an acceptable reason.
  4. The editor must maintain the confidentiality of the data contained in the manuscript that the author sends.
  5. Editors may not publish manuscripts for personal use without the author's knowledge.


  1. Reviewers must be able to evaluate the manuscript fairly, honestly, and unbiased based on the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript.
  2. Reviewers must have professional responsibility for each manuscript that is evaluated.
  3. Reviewers must avoid all matters involving conflicts of interest.
  4. Reviewers must keep the manuscript confidential.
  5. Reviewers are welcome to complete the manuscript review process within a reasonable time and if unable, they can contact the editor.



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