1st International Conference on Agricultural, Nutraceutical, And Food Science (ICANFS) 2022

An annual proceeding from International Conference On Agricultural, Nutraceutical and Food Science (ICANFS) focused on Functional Food and Ingredients; Food Fermentation and Microbiology; Food Engineering, Processing, and Technology; Food Chemistry and Biochemistry; Sensory and Consumer Behavior; Physical modification of foods; Food properties including thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties; Rapid detection of food contamination; Macronutrient, micronutrient, and functional properties; Chemistry of food additives and preservatives; Food waste management and utilization; Food nutrigenomics for health; Halal Food Production; Food Safety, Regulations and Standards; Innovative Food Packaging and Handling Materials; Food Toxicology; Food Quality and Shelf-Life; Food Supply Chain & Distribution Systems; Aquaculture, Fisheries and Sustainable Marine Production; Sustainable Agriculture for Food Production; Malnutrition and clinical nutrition; Nutrition Biochemistry; Public Health and Diet; Social Challenges in Nutrition and Health; Postharvest technology and process engineering; Biosystems engineering; Irrigation and drainage; Sustainable agriculture; Agrotechnology; Cultural practices in Agriculture; Agricultural biotechnology; Agricultural management system; Animal husbandry; Smart and precision farming; Medicinal and Herb Farming

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