Nilai Pendidikan Karakter Tanggung Jawab dalam Novel Maria Zaitun Karya Joko Santoso


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This study aims to describe the value of character education responsibilities contained in the novel Maria Zaitun by Joko Santoso. This research is qualitative research with a content analysis approach. The technique of collecting data uses reading techniques and note-taking techniques. Data analysis uses concepts from Miles & Huberman with the first step of data reduction, including selecting data, summarizing, and making the classification. The second presentation of the data has been srted according to the formulation and objectives of the study, and the thrid is the conclusion. The novel Maria Zaitun tells about the life of a female character who cannot escape her immorality in overcoming life’s problems, thus making her suffer and get hurt. Maria olives’ rejection and living poverty give her the strength to be able to go through every suffering and test that God gives. Based on this, the results of research conducted by researchers indicate that the value of character education responsibility is divided into (1) responsibility to God, (2) social responsibility, and (3) responsibility to oneself. 


value of character education; responsibility; novel; Maria Zaitun

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31002/transformatika.v3i1.1172

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